We help parents develop the expertise, dexterity, and confidence to advocate for their children's free and appropriate education.



We educate families on their child’s disability, special education, federal laws and other related topics. We provide an informative series of workshops and panel discussions.

Our expert contributors and panelists include:

  • Attorneys
  • Authors
  • Doctors
  • Therapists

ManyBabies NYC is a family resource nonprofit organization for children with special needs that offers free special education advocacy services to the community. We will come to your venue and provide one to one advocacy support, help understanding the IEP document and support you at your child's mediation appearance and/or IEP meetings. 

For more information for this service email us at with the subject: Advocate Outreach Inquiry


107-23 Jamaica Avenue 
Richmond Hill, NY 11418


We are a network of parents who answer questions, share their personal experiences, and help families deal constructively with the range of challenges they face. 

The combined expertise of our facilitators and the personal experiences of our participants provide a strong sense community, resources, strategies, and emotional support.